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Our lives revolve around being able to communicate with friends, family and with our society at large. Literacy comes in many forms.

  • basic reading and comprehension skills
  • basic computer skills
  • basic writing skills
  • basic speaking skills
  • basic math skills

Now ask yourself what life would be like if…

  • …you couldn’t read the menu at your favorite restaurant?
  • …you couldn’t read a bedtime story to your child?
  • …you were unable to apply on a job because you needed email and couldn’t work your computer?
  • …you couldn’t fill out a form, like your taxes?
  • …you couldn’t stick to a budget because you couldn’t add?

What you would give to find an organization that would help you? For Free. Always.

Literacy is essential to the human experience, and we invite you to be a part of helping promote it within our community.

We are funded and supported by Decoda Literacy Solutions Society.

For more information on how you can volunteer or help in other ways, please contact us .